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Merge Dragons is a new enjoyment enhancer, how?


The games and sports have been an area which attracts everyone since the dawn of smart phones and mobile phones game developer.

This game of Merge Dragons is fantastic game to be played and enjoyed. Here players discover more than 500 fantastic objects and articles to match and interact with them. The game can be played by many players online as well as solo and offline. Mysterious world of merger dragons permits you to play by matching anything ranges from eggs, trees, stars, magical flowers and mythical creatures. Matching eggs will be a kind of help for dragons, then to discover more powerful one.

Merge Dragons objects to play challenges

  • Match objects Match objects provided in the game as these are mentioned above. Here player needs to explore over 500 fantastic things to match and use them through 81 different challenges. To get superior items you need to merge or match 3 of same kind items. To heal the vale match at least three life essence and tap it.
  • Collect new breeds of Dragons there are 37 different brand new dragon breeds which dwell in the vale, and evolve them through 8 stages of growth for new dragons. Match eggs to hatch which will be helpful for dragon as well as harvest new things or objects for you to use in the game.
  • Camping or building camp the dog with evil nature try to destroy or hold your main camp, you just need to fight with it and heal the area of the camp and take back the You can collect the eggs, hatch them in the main camp and increase the power of the dragon.

Merge dragons is challenging your mind. at the same time puzzle your mind with more than 140 tricky levels.