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Gameplay of Matchington mansions



On the list of casual play game, Matchington mansion is also making position on the list. This game is purely for entertainment and fun. The game is home décor and some puzzles based. The game color theme and visual 3D graphics entice you brain easily. With the brand Firecraft studios, the game is very popular. You can also download through playstore or some of game websites. The gameplay of this game not take more time to indulge you in it.

Style you furniture in home

Some furniture and décor items are used in game to make room beautiful. So you get furniture and arrange on your imaginations. Style furniture with different step and make your home with full of objects. Game characters also interact with you. Some increasing secret and rewards also in it. These secret make you more curious about game while you play. Some of hidden objects in game, when you continuously play you can unlock them.

Rainbows in game

Some of tiles are used in game with different pattern. While playing if you match four tiles in a square pattern, so this will make firecracker. If you can match five tiles this will make rainbow and this is increase your power. You grade up score by swapping and matching the tiles and pillows so by using Matchington Mansion Hack 2019.

A gift box makes you star

You make a star rating at the final point of each level. Any of star rating affects the player mind set so this is important part of game. The highest rating in this game is three stars.  If you earn some fixed number of stars, you can unlock gift boxes. When you collect 12 stars then you get first gift box with 500 gold rewards on it. Until you collect 25 stars second gift box is not open for you.

Playing wisely for collect more stars because more stars help you increase you ratings. Your ratings automatically beat your competitor in game.