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4 Flexible Ways to Earn the Unlimited Amount of Currency in Merge Dragons

The Merge Dragons is the most playable game in recent time, and it is enjoyable with dragons. Multiple things are available like puzzles, dragons, land, and currency. In which you can smash the victory by leveling up. The gameplay is suitable for all people, and if you are interested in it, then you can fetch it by the android store or official game website.

Without the proper amount of currency, we cannot lead on it, and for that, you can follow Merge Dragons tips that are good for us. Coins, gems, and bricks are the significant currency of it, and we need to collect them as soon as possible. The players can be more powerful with such money, and as the new player, you should go with some handy ways for collecting currency.

Grab daily bonus

The game allows us to get some daily bonus rewards, and it is better than nothing. In the beginning, we do not know about the role of currency, and the daily currency is helpful for many small tasks.

Unlock chests

Numbers of chests are available in it, and we open it for more amount of currency. Chests have some magical rewards that are right for leveling up. We can also sell some chests to other players to earn coins.

Connect with a social account

Get free links by login with social media account like Facebook. Millions of players are active on the game, and you will get a handsome reward by it.

Purchase the currency 

Most of the players are going to purchase the currency by real money. In the game platform, various affordable offers are flashing for currency.